Bynks - Modern E-commerce Platform

Branding and Website Design | 2019

About Project

Bynks is a modern social e-commerce platform developed for the people of Vietnam.


Logo Design

The client required letter “B” in negative space, so I tried different shapes and styles to figure it out.

Bynks Logo Sketch
Bynks Logo Sketching


Bynks Logo Variations


Typography and Colors

Bynks typography and colors



Business Card

The design for Bynks Business Cards is two-sided, simple and minimal.

Bynks Business Card


Bynks Business Card


Website Design

The Bynks website design is responsive (works on mobiles, tablets and desktops).


Information Architecture

Information Architecture
Bynks Website Information Architecture


Bynks Website Sketch


Bynks Home Page Wire-frame


Bynks Product Wire-frame


Bynks Profile Wire-frame


I have coded this website using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap framework.

Bynks Home Page Mockup
Bynks Home Page Mockup